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What Is The Main Point When Users Buy Industrial Wireless Router?

Shenzhen Libtor Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 06, 2017

Is there any "WiFi"? This is the first question that people now ask anywhere. Indeed, due to the popularity of the Internet, our life has undergone tremendous changes. And as the main provider of "WiFi" Industrial Wireless Router, in this environment is particularly important. So when users buy a Industrial Wireless Router, the main fancy that two?

Industrial Wireless Router purchase points: product specifications and performance

(1) The Industrial Wireless Router transmission rates are 20M, 150M, 300M respectively. But each time you talk about these specifications, people always think the faster the better. In actual fact, before we buy the product must be clear about their needs, for example: you are installing 1M ADSL broadband access, have a laptop, mainly online office, the other you Mom and Dad desktop, not to see Stock is the Internet to play a small game. Clear your needs everything easy to handle, buy a 54M or a little higher in the 150M wireless routing can meet your network needs, and do not need to pursue expensive but not used 300M or products .

(2) In fact, the Industrial Wireless Router's box will be marked with some parameters, such as wireless standards, transmission rate, signal coverage, these parameters need to pay special attention to when we purchase. Currently, there are two mainstream wireless standards supported by Industrial Wireless Router products, one is IEEE 802.11g and the other is 802.11n. The so-called IEEE 802.11g standard is what we often refer to as a 54M Industrial Wireless Router, while 802.11n standards deliver speeds of 300Mbps and up to 600Mbps and backward compatible with 802.11b and 802.11g. 54M Industrial Wireless Router can not only meet the daily needs of multiple PC Internet access and simple multimedia file transfer, most can fully respond to Vista's new network management capabilities, network devices and operating systems to form a complete management platform. But if the home has less of a barrier to wireless routing and computers, we need a 300 M Industrial Wireless Router with strong signal penetration to ensure video, online games, VoIP and more, even when the network is busy Smooth application.

(3) The last point is that when buying must pay attention to the design of Industrial Wireless Router. The quality of the antenna determines the coverage of the signal and the stability of the connection. Products are generally equipped with 2dBi antenna, to meet the 50-80 square meters of room coverage, stability performance is acceptable. But if you live in a house of more than 100 square meters, the 2dBi antenna can be a little overwhelming. If the standard 5dBi antenna, you can enhance product coverage and connection stability.

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