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What Is The Difference Between An Industrial Router And An Industrial Switch?

Shenzhen Libtor Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 11, 2017

  What is the difference between an industrial router and an industrial switch?

  Many of the project applications in real life use routers and switches. Many people only know that both are devices for connecting to the Internet, but they rarely know the difference between them and their respective functions. industrial router We analyze the difference between the switch and the router.

  Switch router function comparison:

  1. Work level is different

  The switch works on the second layer of the OSI, and the router works on the third layer of the OSI. Because the switch works on the second layer (data link layer) of the OSI, it works relatively well, industrial router and the router works on the third layer (network layer) of the OSI, and can get more protocol information. The router can make More intelligent forwarding decisions.

  2. Data forwarding is based on different objects

  The switch uses the MAC address to determine the destination address of the forwarding data. And the router is using the IP address to determine the data forwarding address. IP address is set in the software, describes the device where the network, industrial router these third-tier address is also known as the protocol address or network address. MAC address is usually hardware comes with, by the network card manufacturers to allocate, and has been cured to the card. The IP address is usually automatically assigned by the network administrator or the system.

  Industrial switches are typically used for LAN-WAN connections. Routers are used for WAN-WAN connections to solve forwarding between different network segments.

  3. Division of broadcast domain

  The switch can only split the collision domain, can not split the broadcast domain; and the router can split the broadcast domain

  The network segments connected by the switch belong to the same broadcast domain. Broadcast packets are propagated on all network segments connected to the switch, which in some cases can lead to traffic congestion and security vulnerabilities. The network segments connected to the router are assigned to different broadcast domains, industrial router and the broadcast data does not pass through the router. Although the third layer of the switch has a VLAN function, you can also split the broadcast domain, but the sub-broadcast domain is not communication between the communication between them still need a router.

  4. The difference in security

  Routers provide a firewall, access restrictions and other services can achieve data filtering. The router only forwards packets of specific addresses, does not forward packets of packets that do not support routing protocols, and transmit packets of unknown destination packets, thus preventing broadcast storms.

  5. Hardware difference

  Router LAN port is generally only 4 below, and the number of switches LAN port in the 4-48 range. Industrial routers have WAN port and support mobile phone card online, and the switch does not work. The router comes with wifi chips, and the switch does not.

  Above on the four Tsai for your summary of the difference between industrial switches and industrial routers, I hope you can understand the exchange and the router after the difference, as well as their respective functions.

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