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What Are The Factors That Affect The Transmission Range Of Industrial Wireless Routers?

Shenzhen Libtor Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 11, 2017

  What are the factors that affect the transmission range of industrial wireless routers?

  Industrial wireless router is an Internet of things wireless communication equipment, the use of operators 3G / 4G network to provide users with long-range wireless data transmission capabilities, industrial equipment in the outdoor high-speed and stable network deployment.

  In the practical application process, the industrial wireless router transmission range affected by many factors, the author practitioners for many years, here to do with you to share.

  First of all, many people on the industrial wireless router transmission range concept is not clear enough, generally in the manual will be marked with industrial wireless router wireless network signals, usually effective transmission distance ranging from 100-250 meters, so many people think that As long as the transmission range can receive the signal.

  But the fact is not the case, the theoretical data is obtained in the ideal test environment, the specific impact factors are the following four points:

  Factor 1: affected by the router's own transmit power. This is a decisive factor in the transmission range of industrial-grade wireless routers. The greater the power, the wider the transmission range, but according to the relevant provisions of the state, the maximum transmit power shall not exceed 100MW, that is, 20dBm (2.4GHz band). Because the greater the power, the greater the radiation, which is harmful to the human body.

  Factor 2: affected by terrain and obstacles. The actual application environment of the router is complex and difficult, it is difficult to test the environment under the wireless signal range value, which is mainly affected by the environment and obstacles, interference with the wireless network. Among them, there are glass and metal obstacle wall on the industrial wireless router signal the greatest impact.

  Factor three: high gain antenna can improve the stability of the receiving distance. The gain is to increase the power density ratio of the signal generated by the actual antenna with the ideal radiating element at the same point in the case where the transmission power is constant.

  Factor four: affected by the weather. Industrial wireless router is different from the home ordinary router, most of its application in the outdoor environment conditions, determines its impact by the weather is relatively large, such as in the thunderstorm days, the air humidity becomes larger, the router's transmission range will become narrow near. The harsh outdoor environment also poses a high demand for the antioxidant and high protection of the chip of the router. Readers in this regard can follow my follow-up article.

  In summary, the user in the choice of industrial wireless router, according to their own needs, select the appropriate power and gain antenna products, try to choose in the open area, you can maximize the transmission range of the router.

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