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LTE Router Compared With Ordinary Wireless Router

Shenzhen Libtor Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 27, 2017

LTE router compared with ordinary wireless router, product features and performance upgrades are obvious, effectively eliminate large flow data packet loss, fully meet the larger amount of data, stability, higher demand for industrial field wireless networking needs. Product Highlights include:

1, with signal strength indicator function, real-time display 3G / 4G network signal strength, improve on-site management and maintenance efficiency.

2, with flow control, traffic records, real-time network speed display function, it can be based on the type of network protocol, in accordance with the pre-customized bandwidth allocation mode management, while multiple devices, as much as possible to ensure that each device within the network Wireless transmission is not affected, so that multi-device wireless transmission applications more intelligent and more efficient.

3, processing speed, built-in FLASH from 4M upgrade to 8M, RAM from 32M to 64M, processor clock speed from 133MHz to 380MHz, effectively eliminate large flow data packet loss, large data transmission applications more efficient and more stable.

4, WIFI function, the use of built-in integrated design, effectively enhance the stability of the product. And WIFI transmission speed from 50 Mbps to 150 Mbps, WIFI support AP, CLIENT, relay, relay bridge, etc., the industry WIFI application of the top configuration. 3 times to enhance, ease to deal with more complex wireless transmission needs.

5, built-in RTC, support the timing off the assembly line, better customized according to customer application line strategy, to minimize power consumption.

6, to support more VPN links, on the basis of the original added to the PPTP server, L2TP server, OpenVPN server, OpenVPN client support, network security application deployment plan to choose richer, more flexible.

7, the success of the rich interface has always been rich, only Mao series of products support RS232, RS485 and other industrial interfaces, you can access a variety of servers and industrial computers, to help users real-time transmission of field data. Outstanding performance, rich industrial computer interface to help industrial automation companies throw off the shackles of network cable, easy to achieve 3G / 4G real-time information transmission dream.

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