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Industrial Wireless Router Now One Of The Common Devices In The Industrial Field

Shenzhen Libtor Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 12, 2017

Industrial wireless router can be said to be one of the common devices in the industrial field. It is mainly in the environment more harsh area, to provide you with a variety of network support. With the major brands now launched different types of industrial-grade wireless router, so that consumer groups are also faced with the purchase of doubts and the use of the problem.

Have to say that the use of such products, and home routers there is a certain difference, but there are some similarities. Here we take a look at these products in the use and operation of the process need to pay attention to the basic issues.

Use of Industrial Grade Wireless Router

First, any industrial-grade wireless router WiFi password settings should pay attention to security, remember that the password can not be too simple, so it is prone to leakage of the situation.

Second, due to industrial-grade wireless router placement, the operating environment is rather special, and may even be very bad, this time a lot of attention to the surface of the router can not place too much debris, more can not be placed in the router around the debris, it is easy Affect the thermal performance of equipment.

Third, the industrial router to support different online time management, so in the process of setting up, we must pay attention to meet the different classes of workers to work time.

Fourth, for the voltage, the motor test must be done, because in the industrial field which use, equipment system performance needs to be very stable and reliable, in order to run for a long time to ensure that their staff's daily network needs.

Now the market so many brands and models of industrial-grade wireless router, in the end which product is more excellent? The following small series for everyone to recommend more excellent performance, good quality, good reputation of the industrial-grade router for your reference.

Enterprise, industrial and home-level router

An industrial router is a rugged device for connecting two or more networks that can transmit signals only to the desired port. The price is cheaper than the enterprise level, the function is stable and powerful. Home-class routers are relatively inexpensive. The advantage is that it is suitable for large-scale enterprise network connection, can adopt complex network topology, load sharing and optimal path. Enterprise-class routers do not support non-routing protocols, complex installations, and higher prices.

Higher forwarding performance, higher throughput

Most of the industrial-grade routers are used for data transmission and other functions, as many as hundreds, if you want to meet so many people at the same time the needs of wireless Internet access, the router's forwarding performance and machine with a high demand The The home router density is low, the signal strength is small, coverage is small, forwarding performance and with limited machine capacity, if it is used in business as public places, there will be serious application risks.

More suitable for enterprise functional positioning

Compared to home routers, enterprise-class routers in this area more superior performance, to meet more people high-speed Internet access. Enterprise-class routers are mostly high-frequency network dedicated processor, data processing capabilities, with a longer transmission distance, greater coverage area, can greatly improve the network transmission speed and throughput, running is also very stable and better To meet the needs of enterprises more than high-speed Internet access.

Richer routing protocol

Industrial class routers generally have multiple security services, with richer routing protocols such as SNMP, static routers, policy routers, unified management protocols, etc. Through these protocols, industrial routers can ensure network security and protect user data from being steal.

Industrial product design is more suitable for long-term use

Under normal circumstances, the general use of the router, will not be used for too long, so the router will have a lot of time "rest." The industrial router is different when using the router, due to the needs of the work, most of the time even need to run the router 24 hours, which on the router's industrial design put forward higher requirements.

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