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Industrial Wireless Router How To Set Up The Internet

Shenzhen Libtor Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 05, 2017

Industrial wireless routers meet the needs of industrial applications, low power consumption, adaptable, but in practice, a lot of users do not know how to install and test industrial wireless routers. How to set up industrial wireless router? How to build the network, will actually use the wireless router instance to combine and connect the Internet, lets the industrial wireless router be more effective. Industrial wireless routers can generally provide a list of clients to access, in which you can view the IP address of the client computer name, MAC address and its assigned IP address, it can be targeted to prevent it.

1, industrial wireless router How to set up the Internet: Fast Login

When the customer receives our industrial wireless router, the power is plugged in first, and then a LAN port is connected to the network of the computer with a network cable, then the wireless router can be configured.

We first open IE browser, in the Address bar to type the wireless router's default IP address (generally you will be found at the bottom of the router nameplate or instructions), xx an industrial wireless router for example, Its default IP address is, then we type In the IE Address bar, the wireless router's login page pops up.

We enter the login page can also be found in the industrial wireless router at the bottom of the nameplate or description of the user name and password, and then click "Login" to log the router's Web configuration interface.

2. Setup Wizard interface

Click the Setup Wizard on the left, and then click Next.

Then there will be a choice of how to surf the Internet, generally divided into five ways, here because it is in the "Setup Wizard", so only three main ways of surfing, divided into PPPoE (ADSL virtual dial-up), dynamic IP (Ethernet broadband, automatic access from the Network service provider IP address), static IP (Ethernet broadband, The Network service provider provides a fixed IP address, and the other two will be introduced later.

3. Choose Network Connection Mode

If your Internet connection is dial-up and you need to enter a username and password, choose PPPoE. If you need to get an IP address automatically on the Internet, select Dynamic IP. If you need to enter a fixed IP address, subnet mask, and gateway address, choose static IP. In addition to these three common ways of surfing the Internet, some wireless routers also support intelligent automatic selection of the Internet, everyone in the actual use should be based on the actual situation to choose.

Click "Next" to configure the wireless settings. This interface is mainly to the basic parameters of wireless network and wireless security basic settings. Users can modify the status, SSID and encryption settings of the wireless network according to the actual needs. Modifying the SSID (Network name) makes it easy to find and use. In mode, it is recommended that the user select blending mode to ensure maximum compatibility with the network device.

4, Wireless settings

For novice users, most options can be selected by default, only in the Wireless security option, select "Wpa-psk/wpa2-psk" encryption, fill in the password. Click "Next" to see "Setup Complete" prompts, click "OK" to complete the "Setup Wizard" settings.

Finish the interface and reboot

The industrial wireless router then restarts. Users will see the "restart" of the progress bar interface, after completion, will see the setting of a good final interface, the whole process convenient, easy and easy.

The primary user uses the Setup Wizard function, which takes only 10 seconds. However, if you want to further improve the use of wireless network effects, we need to go to other specific interface to make some details adjustments, together to the advanced users.

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