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Industrial Router Large Operation And Stable Coverage Area

Shenzhen Libtor Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 05, 2017

An industrial router is a durable device for connecting two or more networks, which transmits signals only to the desired port. Gateways can convert standard Ethernet and industrial Ethernet protocols, wireless and wired interfaces, or Ethernet and Fieldbus communication protocols. Processor performance from 200 to more than 1500 MIPS, on-chip memory capacity is usually greater than $number KB two cache. This factory automation equipment is structurally robust and is suitable for the harsh industrial environment without fan cooling, and is specially used in industrial field data transmission equipment.

As the core equipment of the enterprise network, the router can be an unavoidable problem. Many business owners, because of lack of expertise, often choose Low-cost Home ordinary routers for wireless coverage. In fact, this approach is very incorrect, because the home of ordinary routers are often based on the use of the environment design, if the application in the industry, stability and security are difficult to guarantee, so if the enterprise want to wireless coverage, we must choose professional industrial-grade routers.

General industrial-level routers are mostly used for data transmission and other functions, many hundreds, if you want to meet the needs of so many people at the same time, the router's forwarding performance and the amount of machine with a high demand. The low density of home routers, small signal strength, small coverage, forwarding performance and the limited amount of belt, if it is used in public places like enterprises, there will be serious application of hidden trouble.

Compared to home routers, enterprise-class routers in this area more superior performance, to meet more people high-speed Internet access. Enterprise-class routers are mostly high frequency network dedicated processor, data processing capacity, with a greater distance transmission, greater coverage area, can greatly improve the network transmission speed and throughput capacity, operation is very stable, better meet the needs of many enterprises high-speed Internet access.

Security and stability are the lifeblood of the enterprise network. At this point, ordinary routers because of a variety of protocols less, so generally do not support internal/external attack defense, to prevent viruses, trojans and hackers and other functions, it is difficult for enterprises to provide a variety of security.

Industrial-grade routers generally have a number of security services, with a richer routing protocols, such as SNMP, static routers, policy routers, unified management protocols, and so on, through these protocols, industrial routers can ensure the safe operation of the network, protect user data is not stolen.

Normally, when using a router, it will not take too long, so the router will have a lot of time to "rest". and industrial routers in the use of routers are different, due to the needs of the work, most of the time even need to run 24-hour router, which is a higher demand for the industrial design of routers.

Compared with the common router, enterprise-class routers are more professional and exquisite in industrial design, which can support the continuous use of long time and more suitable application environment. Therefore, for the relevant applications, in the wireless coverage deployment, must choose professional industrial-grade routers, if in order to save costs and choose the general router, will certainly affect the security and stability of the network, this will only bring greater loss to the enterprise.

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