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Industrial Router An Internet Of Things Wireless Communication Router

Shenzhen Libtor Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 12, 2017

Industrial router is an Internet of Things wireless communication router, the network signal can only be transmitted to the required port. The gateway can switch between standard Ethernet and Industrial Ethernet protocols, wireless and wired interfaces, or Ethernet and fieldbus communication protocols. Processor performance from 200 to 1500 MIPS, on-chip memory capacity is usually greater than 256KB L2 cache. This plant automation equipment is rugged for use in a harsh industrial environment with fanless cooling and is specifically designed for use in industrial data transmission equipment.

(1) intercepts packets sent from the network to the remote network segment.

(2) select the most reasonable route, guide the communication. In order to achieve this function, the industrial router to follow a routing protocol, find the routing table, the routing table lists the entire Internet contains the various nodes, as well as the path between the nodes and the transmission costs associated with them. If there are more than one path to a particular node, the optimal (most economical) path is selected based on a predetermined criterion. As the various network segments and their interconnections may change, the routing information needs to be updated in a timely manner, either by the timing update required by the routing information protocol used or by changing the update. Each router in the network dynamically updates the routing table it holds in accordance with this rule in order to maintain valid routing information.

(3) In order to facilitate the transmission of packets between the networks, the industrial routers in the process of forwarding packets, according to the rules of the large data packets will be broken down into the appropriate size of the packet, reach the destination and then the decomposition of the data packet Packaging into the original form.

(4) multi-protocol industrial 3G router can be connected to different communication protocols using the network segment, as a different communication protocol network segment communication connection platform.

(5) industrial 3G router's main task is to guide the communication to the destination network, and then reach a specific node station address. After a function is completed through the network address decomposition. For example, the assignment of the network address part is designated as a set of nodes of the network, subnet and area, and the rest is used to indicate the special station in the subnet. Hierarchical addressing allows industrial 4G routers to address information on network storage for many nodes.

In the wide area network within the router according to the performance of its forwarded packets can be divided into two types, namely, intermediate node routers and border industrial 4G routers. Although in the continuous improvement of the various routing protocols, the two types of all Netcom router use the name may be very different, but the role is the same.

Intermediate nodes Industrial LTE routers provide storage and forwarding of packets when they are transmitted over the network. At the same time, according to the current routing table to maintain the routing information, select the best path to send the message. By a number of interconnected LAN or corporate network side of the network and the external WAN connected to the whole network router, is the enterprise network of the border industry, the whole network through the router. It collects the information that is addressed to the enterprise network from the external wide area network and forwards it to the network segment in the enterprise network. On the other hand, it collects the packets sent from each LAN segment in the enterprise network to the external wide area network, and determines the relevant message The transmission path.

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