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For How To Choose Industrial Routers

Shenzhen Libtor Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 18, 2017

  For how to choose industrial routers, most users in the choice of wireless router, will ask "how to choose industrial routers," and so on similar issues. The type of router more than a few years ago, many of the price is different, following the Xiaobian look at the router under the purchase method bar

  1, purchase standard

  Interface configuration

  Most of the home broadband router is based on the "4 +1" interface configuration, which is a LAN port of a WAN port 4, under normal circumstances is sufficient to meet the needs of users, industrial routers but does not rule out some users need more Multi-WAN port and LAN port which need to decide according to their own situation. So when you want to pay attention to see the router behind the interface, WAN port and LAN port, respectively, a few, whether to meet their own needs.

  2, wireless rate

  Wireless rate is an indicator that must be measured. 450M, 300M, 150M, 54M which is appropriate? Capital is abundant, nothing wrong, the higher the better, industrial routers but the home router 300M is enough. The But also a must consider the factors that are their own wireless card itself rate, can match the necessary to buy. This need to see their own router's instructions, which will have a corresponding description of the parameters.

  3, cable rate

  Now most of the motherboard has been integrated Gigabit network card, but most of the broadband router on the market switch chip only supports to 100 megahertz. industrial routers That is connected to the same router to transfer large amounts of data within the LAN, then the bottleneck lies in the router itself. Detection of limited rate method is very simple, two computers are connected to the router through the LAN port, with LAN software to transfer files, view the transmission speed.

  4, the quality of wireless signals

  Wireless signal quality will also directly affect the performance of wireless transmission, more intuitive is to see the number of antennas, of course, this is not absolute, wireless chip is the main factor in determining the signal.

  5, USB interface needs

  Most of the wireless routing on the market with industrial card slots is out of support for 3G / 4G wireless network card needs, of course, there are some high-end industrial routers can also support offline download. Buy this type of router, industrial routers bring their own 3G wireless network card, and plug in the router's slot to be measured to ensure that the USB port is available, if the USB port to mount the mobile hard disk, it is more necessary Plugged into the USB port measured power supply is sufficient.

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