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Application Of Industrial Router In Water Informationization

Shenzhen Libtor Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 05, 2017

  Application of Industrial Router in Water Informationization

  Water governance is a major project since ancient times, and the long-term water conservancy practice of Kechuang Industrial routers has proved that it is impossible to deal with complex water problems simply by relying on engineering measures. Industrial Router Only the use of a number of communication technology and engineering in order to effectively, efficient and effective treatment of water monitoring and other issues. In the water conservancy project using electronic testing, industrial router communication, to reduce risk and improve energy efficiency in an important way.

  Hengyang City in Hunan Province in the main city, flood control standards to 100 years, most of the county flood control standards to 20-50 years in a case. Industrial Router Planning "second five" period, the first three years to solve the 85.38 million rural drinking water safety issues. Strengthen the irrigation and drainage fields, the effective irrigation area of 383.19 million mu, an increase of 21.135 million mu, water-saving irrigation area from the existing 8.5 million mu to 15 million mu. Urban water supply source water quality compliance rate of 100%, other drinking water source water quality compliance rate of 96%. Industrial Router Xiangtan will firmly grasp the historical opportunity of water conservancy reform and development, water conservancy construction "nine projects" as the starting point, playing a water conservancy construction battle. This "nine projects" include water conservancy information engineering.

  Application of Water Resources Information Industry

  In the "second five" plan, Changde City will be in 2015, the basic realization of the village through water to meet the large drought when drinking water needs; the city will invest 3 billion yuan to complete the city Jiangbei flood ring, Shimen, Industrial Router Circle construction project, the construction of Ding City, Linli, Lixian, Taoyuan, willow lake and other places in the flood circle along the river.

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