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Analysis And Solution Of Industrial Routers' Faults

Shenzhen Libtor Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 09, 2017

Analysis and Solution of Industrial Routers' Faults

1, routing can not enter the configuration page?

A: Routing default IP is changed, if the change please use the changed IP to enter the page.

2, the normal routing (Online lights). Industrial Router But the ping nowhere?

Whether the PC's gateway is pointing to the routing IP (route factory IP:

Whether the DNS server IP address of the PC is filled.

3, the normal operation of the route for some time, the disconnection can not be re-board the network?

Check if the SIM card is in arrears.

In the Routing Configuration page, "Online Hold" is configured.

4, equipment often dropped reasons?

A: view debugging information, Industrial Router keeponlie timeout is online to keep overtime.

5, the router changed after the IP forgotten, or configuration changes can not log on how to deal with the website?

² Open the serial debugging tool, open the serial port, Ethernet to the serial port to connect the console port, hold down the Ctrl + C at the same time to the device power, and so on to run run restore, run prompt to complete OK can quickly restore the factory configuration, Serial port tool, and then restart the device, you can re-login page to re-set.

Open the serial debugging tool, re-refresh the program version.

6, dial the number of reasons?

Check the user name password is wrong, re-enter;

Check the system commissioning, card arrears state will continue to negotiate PPTP, check card arrears available command: AT + Creg or AT + cgatt;

Onlie lights flash that dial on the number, not on the center;

Unicom router arrears will be directly connected to the contact center page;

Private network dial on the number can be used to try the ordinary network, if the ordinary network can dial is the problem of network card.

7, routers and analog cameras can be used in supporting video surveillance?

A: the need for network cameras and our router can be used in supporting the video surveillance project, the transmission of the video screen is smooth with the front-end equipment, the stream is closely related to the stream refers to - the amount of video per second

8, telecommunications, 3G routing is also the public network of dynamic IP Now our router built-in peanut shell customers can be directly in the router settings domain name resolution, Industrial Router it also need to do port mapping?

A: As long as the peanut shell user name and password to fill ROUTER dynamic domain name resolution on it.

9, is not using the telecommunications CDMA network to obtain the IP address is the global IP address?

A: Yes, but some places have closed the port.

10, VPN dial-up, the default routing closed, you can on the external network?

A: Because the use of the default routing can only access the dial-up server above, there is now a problem, I want to VPN dial-up state, Industrial Router let the following 3G equipment to the public network

11, M company in the outdoor data acquisition equipment A, A itself has an IP address, connected to the 3G router B, through the B access to mobile APN node, the collected data through the mobile network to the M company's network center, Industrial Router network center Data is processed and processed. Will such a program, B should be how to set (transparent transmission settings)?

A: If A is a private network IP can be connected with our router through Ethernet, our router has APN settings, your APN account and password to the appropriate address can be, and our router then card power on Above the line

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